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WARNING! FEMA Region Conducts Biggest Disaster Drill Ever! Could This Be "The Really Big One?

Publicado el 11 may. 2016, by TruthUnveiled777
Is This REALLY “The Really Big One?”

On June 6-10, 2016, FEMA Region X will be conducting an earthquake-tsunami drill, said to be the largest drill in this region. Codenamed “Cascadia Rising 2016,” this drill will take place for four days, and will involve the Pacific Northwest Region — in preparations for a potential 9.0 earthquake “scenario” on the Cascadia subduction zone (CSZ).

But what’s more disturbing about all of this is that your Government, Military, and even Mainstream Media are vehemently pushing subliminal messaging when it comes to fault lines, and even “big earthquakes” that are to take place at or around Cascadia, San Andreas, and New Madrid — without telling you the REAL Agenda, and who’s REALLY behind all this, as usual.

So is it a mere coincidence that an article entitled “The Really Big One” published in The New Yorker wins a Pulitzer Prize this year — an article talking extensively about the Cascadia subduction zone (CSZ), awareness, and how to prepare for such an event?

What Are They REALLY Preparing For????

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