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Brussels Belgium Attacks 322... Coincidence? False Flag Illuminati Exposed!!!

Publicado el 22 mar. 2016, by TruthUnveiled777

Nothing ever just happens! Nothing is ever a mere coincidence!

Especially events like these.. All De-ZION-ed ahead of time; Perpetrated by the same Alphabet Soups who perpetrate everything else! Problem-reaction-solution!

On the morning of Tuesday, March 22, 2016, two explosions occurred in the Brussels airport. Subsequently, another report of an explosion soon followed at the Maalbeek metro station — succeeding the explosions at the airport. Of course, this is all blamed on "suicide bombers." The airport and metro station have been shut down, and all flights to Brussels have been cancelled, as the country is on temporary lockdown.

Now there are some very eerie and undeniable symbolisms and "coincidences" that aren't so coincidental after all:

- The event took place on March 22, or "322";
- "322" is often associated with the secret society "Skull and Bones"; the same organization corresponding with 911
- The Georgia Guidestones were erected on March 22, 1980 — exactly 36 years ago on this day
- Both this AND 911 occurred on Tuesday mornings
- Exactly 758 weeks following the 911 attacks
- Exactly 130 days following the Paris "attacks"... now there were said to be "130 deaths" in the Paris "attacks"... no coincidence there!
- 2 days following the Spring Equinox/Hebrew New Year
- 5 days before Easter
- 1 day before the Full Moon
- 13th day on the Lunar Calendar

This event also just so happened to take place a day before the Doodle 4 Google propaganda (See Video Below).

Just another random event? Or a perpetrated false-flag mental psy-op, staged, funded, and planned AHEAD of time?

ALSO SEE — Doodle 4 Google 2016 Illuminati Symbolism:

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