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THEY LIVE: The 85 BEST Reptilian Shapeshifts of All Times (las mejores tomas reptilianas en Hollywood)

Publicado el 02/07/2014, por johnellizz

PROVEN FACT shapeshift videos are so authentic and so clearly reveal the truth about a criminal Reptilian society in Hollywood that no one can refute it. This honest, undeniable evidence is part of a stunning, comprehensive investigation into the shameful extraterrestrial fraud that our world is based on and is indeed PROVEN FACT:

"He's cracked the technique and has unfailingly consistent results: johnellizz, whose output is a game changer IF only allowed to flourish on a level playing field." -Sovereign FOTL

"John, the evidence is irrefutably clear. If this were a court of law, the evidence you've already presented to the world would guarantee a crushing victory for you." -Kevin S

"I was quite skeptical. But your channel and videos made a believer out of me, as well as quite a few of my friends - who never would have believed this to be true, had I shown them content from any other source." -Jakobaine

"I see this now. I have to thank you for giving me the vision to see it for myself. Always love your creativeness in making it entertaining. You shook the world and the establishment is working hard to hide it." -Michael Ledesma, Coverupz blog

"He showcases the very important fact of how Reptilians shapeshifted blatantly in old films before the advent of pausing and rewinding. And shows the world Patrick Macnee flicking his tongue out for everyone to see! Amongst other important issues like how they are playing war games with human death tolls. You need to start watching his stuff." -bozny22

"I kindly suggest anyone to check this awesome YouTube channel out by johnellizz. This fellow has super-sharpened wide open eyes." -Paris Sophia

"What you are doing has the potential of changing the minds of many people who want to understand how the world works in a short period of time. All the good will of the world supports your cause." -Jorge Villacorta

"You're very talented at using the medium of video for expressing yourself. You certainly go further out on a limb than I did in your theories." -William Bramley, "The Gods Of Eden"

"Thanks to you, johnellizz, I see them! It's so right in your face you can't deny it. We really live in a strange world. Keep up your good work!" -Bertus O

"It's a real pleasure to have found this channel. It's a testament to the good work you do and the powerful message you bring." -1ppl2gether

"johnellizz, you are a genius from another level. I love your videos. Keep going, we are with you" -ben r

"Absolutely brilliant, Sir. There's just no end to the knowledge you possess, Bravo" -youlittlerocket

"Your observations are so astute and make so much sense given our history. I was skeptical about the 8-ray star thing, but then I saw it in one of my favorite TV comedies, 'The Big Bang Theory'. It was hanging on the wall. I'm now seeing that symbol everywhere. I'm still shaking my head and don't know what to think." -ljcahoe1

"johnellizz is one of the coolest guys on YouTube. I learned a lot from him." -Zappacho

"I just wanna say that you really expanded my pre-conceived perception of things. I really enjoy your videos." -imdaprince2

"Everything your doing is so on the mark that it's amazing." -kirkstokes19

"Damn, dude...nothing escapes you." -SeeHearBeSilent

"With this evidence no one can say this is fake. Good job. I can't believe no one noticed this before." -lobo3121

"Thanks for your time, johnellizz. Keep exposing these actors.....You're making history by doing so." -Powerisintruth "Thank you for your effort to inform people. We need people like you. We need to start thinking on our own. Only 20% of human population is capable of thinking on their own. The rest just carry out the masters will." -petr sušil

"I think the best thing for Reptilians to do is to go public and stop the 'masquerade' altogether. They have been completely exposed, and it's time they stopped pretending they haven't been and just come clean." -johnellizz
Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise
Nicole Kidman
Halle Berry
Michael C. Hall
Jessica Alba
Bryan Cranston
Samuel L. Jackson
Will Smith
Anson Mount
Al Pacino

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