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Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies for Surviving Bioterrorism Attacks – A Disaster Plan for Emergency Preparedness

Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies for Surviving Bioterrorism Attacks – A Disaster Plan for Emergency Preparedness
May 11, 2014

To protect against a bioterrorism attack such as anthrax, plague or smallpox, it’s best to perform a bioterrorism risk assessment to put in place an effective disaster plan for survival. Emergency response and preparedness is best achieved by preparing a remedy kit and first aid book beforehand, including natural remedies known for their ability to save lives and detox after a bioterrorism attack.

Homeopathic Remedies

Buy all necessary homeopathic remedies ahead of time for a bioterrorism disaster plan in 30C potency. Homeopathic remedy first aid kits are available online. This brief overview offers recommendations for emergency treatment, and is not standard homeopathic treatment protocol. Do your research ahead of time so you can learn to recognize disease symptoms for speedy emergency response and preparedness.

Prophylaxis: To protect against a bioterrorism outbreak in your vicinity, open remedy bottle and take one sniff of the indicated highlighted remedy, once daily for a week or until the threat has passed.

Exposure: After exposure to a bioterrorism pathogen, sniff the highlighted open remedy bottle once or more often immediately to antidote effects. Repeat as needed.

Health preparedness remedies for bioterrorism disaster plan

A variety of counter terrorism health approaches are useful for biological attacks. Combine homeopathy with herbs and supplements for best results. Buy a homeopathic first aid book and learn to use it. I recommend The Homeopathic Emergency Guide, by Thomas Kruzel.


Symptoms: Anthrax can affect the skin upper respiratory tract and digestive organs. It’s a bacterial infection with flu-like symptoms followed by corrosive, blackened skin ulcers. Inhalation anthrax causes difficulties breathing, pneumonia, shock, coma, death. Gastrointestinal anthrax causes diarrhea, vomiting, hemorrhaging, burning, restlessness, thirst, anxiety, fear, septicemia and death.

Homeopathy: Anthracinum nosode  and Arsenicum album are the two main remedies for a disaster plan kit. Additional remedies to have on hand are Lachesis, Pyrogenium, Tarentula cubensis, Phosphorus, Bryonia.

Smallpox (viruela)

Symptoms: Flu-like symptoms with severe back ache and a purple rash followed by high fever and pus-filled bumps on the body. Skin infections develop from open sores with possible hemorrhaging and death.

Homeopathy: Variolinum nosode , Malandrinum, Sarsparilla, Thuja, Baptisia


Symptoms: Bubonic plague produces large, pus-filled lumps on skin over lymph nodes. Pneumonic plague attacks the lungs causing breathing difficulties, pneumonia, septicemia. Both forms lead to death if left untreated.

Homeopathy: Pestinum nosode and Crotalus horridus for hemorrhagic plague; Lachesis, Arsenicum album are effective for bubonic plague; Phosophorus for pneumonic plague


Symoptoms: Staggering gait, confusion, headache, double and blurred vision, drooping eyelids, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, descending muscle weakness

Homeopathy: Botulinum nosode and Gelsemium, Arsenicum album, Belladonna. Alternate one of these remedies based on a patient’s symptoms with Botulinum nosode until symptoms recede.

Hemorrhagic fever, Ebola virus

Symptoms: Initial onset with fever, headache, nausea followed by blood trickling from eyes, gums, nose. Black, bloody vomit with death resulting from organ failure.

Homeopathy: Crotalus horridus twice daily

Additional Ebola prophylactic treatments:

Alternate Echinacea extract with Crotalus horridus once weekly until threat is out of area. Take each remedy twice daily.

Herbs, supplements, home remedies

The following natural treatments should be used in addition to homeopathic remedies for immune system support and topical applications… 

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